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 Soul Journeys

 Journey into the Emotions/ Journey into the Body


Allow yourself to experience of deep healing! Would you like to let go of old issues which have been draining your body and soul? Are you looking for healing of chronic and other serious ailments? Would you like to experience freedom and the ability to heal yourself? Do feel unable to reach your goals and fulfil your dreams?

In spite of having done everything in your power you might still find yourself in crisis. Happiness and the fulfilment of dreams often remain a distant goal in your quest.

You might already have the idea that the source of your happiness is rooted deep within yourself and that searching externally can only provide temporary fulfilment. 

In this seminar you will experience a way of overcoming your problems and discover who you truly are and release your highest potential. You will learn how to connect with your inner source on a journey through your body and your emotions. You will be able to face your personal issues on a physical and spiritual level. Old behaviour patterns and blockages will dissolve in this process of expanding consciousness, and thus you will develop a deep understanding for your inner being.

By uncovering the source of your behaviour patterns and associated emotions you will be able to explore and dissolve them, freeing yourself of blockages and letting go of negative perceptions and beliefs. Accessing your inner source allows you to find and walk new paths, with a clear awareness and a new consciousness. In this place of inner wisdom you find who you truly are.

Every pain and every problem comes from a place that is called the ego. Through connecting with the ego in a loving and understanding way, you are able to create a loving relationship with yourself. The release of old baggage enables your ability to see your innermost being.

Soul journeys are systematic journeys to your core being where all of your potential, strengths, abilities and talents are stored.

In the safe and loving environment of a small group, you will be guided into your deepest being, your own source, using several techniques to assist you on your journey. You will experience more energy, happiness, health and inner satisfaction as a result.


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Transformation on a cellular level

Cellular scientists have discovered that memory is not only restricted to the brain, but that cells also retain memories of past emotions. Every repressed emotion which wasn't expressed at the time the pain was caused is retained in the cell memory. The constant repression of these stored memories drains life energy. Through the soul journey you will be able to locate these memories in order to free them from the unconscious mind. This will create change on a cellular level and release the flow of life energy.

The soul journey can be used for diverse issues, such as anger, resentment, guilt, anxiety, phobias, allergies, depression and physical ailments.

You will be given tools to immerge into your inner source to locate the root cause of your problems. This will allow you to actively resolve and let go of your stored issues.

Important for the soul journey is the willingness to discover you inner self anew, to experience and acess the power of boundless potential, openess and unconditional loving. You will experience freedom in the truest and deepest sense on all levels of being.

Peaceful communication and integration of helpful skills and ressources are essential elements of the soul journey. You are led on this path of self-discovery by your own wisdom, reaching layers which have been hidden by your unconscious mind.


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Family Constellation as part of your journey

You will have the opportunity to encounter loved ones, family members, partners, colleagues, ancestors and even their emotions and problems.By using aspects of the family constellation method, you will be able to find healing and closure from issues which arose due to defects in your personal family system. Systematic questions reveal the unconscious solutions for your issues, hidden in the depths of your soul memory. 

Your ancestors have a strong influence on your life; not only do you carry their genes but also their psychological patterns, fears and obsessions. The cause lies in the morphogenetic field which you can access on your soul journey.

The soul journey is a process of working directly with your subconscious and will help you find the means for love, health and freedom within you. This work goes much deeper than conventional treatment and has permanent and life-changing results.


Acceptance of Self on your journey

When we learn to love and accept everything, we experience our problems from a different point of view.  It's not the situations nor the people which weigh on our lives, but our perception of the experience.  When we accept our negative emotions lovingly, we release ourselves from their grip.  We gain the perspective of the loving observer, our true self.

We always carry this love within us as it is the deepest core of our being.  By remembering this love we are able to dissolve our emotional blockages. By practising to welcome and love our unpleasant and painful experiences, instead of supressing or denying them, we can increasingly experience the peace and love of our inner self.  This experience is attainable for everyone, leading you to a place of inner peace and beauty.


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