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5 weeks Quantenhealing and Soul-Journeys into your Inner Light


Silvia Ehl

Transformation-Coach, Seminar facilitator, Trainer, Artist, Producer and Natural Therapist


Soul Journeys are the pathway through which I can find myself. When this happens, the liberation of my inner universe manifests itself in my everyday life. The foundation for Soul journeys is put in place when I am ready to meet myself and others from the heart. I love to support people to develop their ability to heal themselves and give them tools to experience how healing from the “Inside” can be accomplished with ease.


About Me

Already in my childhood I experienced how people loose themselves in the “Outside”.  Instead of looking for the causes of conflict and illness, people use distraction and supression to cope.  I have experienced how people completely gave up on themselves and in turn gave up their joy of life, choosing a path of mere functioning and survival. I already knew when I was young that I needed to be true to myself and I was fascinated by exploring pathways to true healing.  My professional development took me from my work as a music teacher, artist, producer and illustrator to the therapeutic work with people.  I realised that the first motivation for my work was inner growth and  healing through self realisation.  My desire was to bring people into connection with themselves, initially through education, art and music.  Now, I can achieve this through using the Soul journey, supporting people in finding their own strength to connect with themselves in their essence and discover the key to unconditional love and happiness.

Beside the individual coaching I teach this wonderful self healing method since many years in seminars, workshops and retreats for adults and children.  The participants experience their individual journeys in small groups and together they practise several techniques to support their opening of consciousness during their inward journey.

During a Soul journey people encounter themselves in a relaxed hypnosis-like state on deep levels of consciousness.  There they uncover the causes of their physical and mental problems and are able to create change.  This deep healing transformation happens on a cellular level and will manifest itself in everyday life.

I also offer a workshop called “Course for Happiness” for teachers, principals and other people who work in education.


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Seminar: 2-day-Souljourneys into your inner light

Seminarinformation - Learn it in 2 days!

Soul Journeys



Journey into the Emotions/ Journey into the Body


Leave your every day life behind and allow yourself to experience two inspiring days of deep healing.


Soul journeys guide you to your inner source where your whole potential, all your love, strength, abilities and talents are present.


Would you like to liberate yourself from your old issues on your physical or soul level.  Are you looking for support to heal chronic and other serious illnesses?  Do you wish to experience your own freedom and self healing ability?Leave the daily grind behind and go into a deep healing process for two inspiring days.

This seminar gives you the possibility to find solutions for your problems within yourself.  You learn how to connect with your inner source.  On a journey through your body you encounter personal issues on a physical and soul level.  Old behavioural patterns and blockages disolve in this process of expanding your consciousness and you develop a deep understanding for your inner world.


With this simple method it is possible to uncover and transform your painful memories on a cellular level.  This method can be used for diverse issues such as anger, stress, resentement, grief, panic, depression, fear, allergies, physical pain, self esteem problems and other dysfunctional behaviour or negative belief patterns.

We all know the feeling of wanting something which doesn't happen because we subconsciously believe that it is not possible.  In this journey we go to the source of emotions and patterns and uncover unprocessed experiences and subconscious beliefs, which enables us to liberate ourselves from emotional and physical blockages.  The access to our inner source allows us to face diverse issues and problems and to choose knew pathways.  When we are rid of our old baggage we can see our true being and live in our highest potential.  The result is to have more life energy, joy, health, and inner contentment.


Learn this technique in 2 days and experience already during the seminar changes in your physical and emotional being.  Discover yourself anew and strengthen your self healing abilities. You will receive a script to continue practising what you have learnt.

Workshop is limited to 10 participants.



Further information to Soul Journeys:

A “Family Constellation”

on the inside during the soul journey enables healing and clearing of our personal family systems.  The positive interaction with the outer world is explained through the morphogenetique field after Shaldrake.


Systematic questioning techniques

accompany our mind into the depths of our souls, where our inner wisdom already knows all the solutions.  The Soul Journey is a process of our consciousness and serves us to realise that inside of us we have already everything we need  to experience love, happiness and freedom.


Healing communication

on the foundation of non-violent communication as well as the integration of helpful abilites and resources are important elements of the journey.



Feedback from a participant: “Dear Sylvia, thank you very much for the wonderful Soul-Journey Seminar.  The Soul Journeys are the most intensive way to experience myself that I have ever encountered.  I am impressed how easy it is to make connection with my own soul and how fast change can take place (for me the pain in my eye and ear disappeared).I wish you much success for your future work which you do with all your heart.

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